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2277 Highway 36 West, Suite 200 Roseville, MN 55113-3830
Phone: 612-378-2742
Toll Free: 1-800-669-6442
Fax: 612-378-2789
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


p align="center">Case Manager

Position: Case Manager

Supervised by: Manager of Case Management Services

Status: Full-Time

Salary: Based on Qualifications and Benefits

Position Summary:
The Case Manager is responsible for monitoring and implementing comprehensive proactive; consumer directed systems of support and advocacy for individuals, including all ages and cultures, which have survived brain injury and their families through implementation of case management for effective community integration. The Case Manager will be responsible to assist the consumer in planning and accessing housing, financial supports and other community services and supports needed to accomplish this goal. Bi-lingual/bi-cultural is a plus.

Provide case management, relocation services.

  • Responsible to promote case management services to counties and SNBC contract(s).
  • Responsible to provide relocation services to assigned persons.
  • Promote education of brain injury to consumers, families, providers and communities.
  1. Service Provision
    1. Coordinate the referral of new consumers.
    2. Contact consumer and/or legal guardian/conservator within five working days of referral scheduling a visit with the consumer within 15 working days of the date of referral.
    3. Conduct consumer visit for semi-annuals and annual reassessments on the scheduled date.
    4. Provide the consumer an orientation to his/her privacy data rights, including obtaining a release of information for the purpose of case management and goal planning during the initial visit.
    5. Ensure the consumer's right to privacy and appropriate confidentiality when information about the consumer is released to others.
    6. Discuss with consumer his/her desires and needs, strengths and areas of limitations, and explore service options Assist the consumer and any team members in making informed choices of service options and providers. This minimally includes identifying:
      1. Service systems that understand brain injury and frequency of services needed by the consumer, the funding streams, the general comparative costs, and the location.
      2. Service options presented must take into account the person's cultural, medical, psychiatric and physical needs.
      3. Resources and service providers within the region or other areas of the state if requested by the person or the person's legal representative, including resources not currently available.
      4. Provider experience in meeting assessed needs and preferences of the person, or to develop services if not immediately available.
      5. If service needs can not be met through available resources, work to improve the scope and capacity of the service delivery system.
      6. Other community resources or services necessary to meet the consumer and the person's family's needs.
    7. Provide active Case Management Services. Active work involves consistent delivery of needs assessment for consumer and his/her family, guardian or conservator.
    8. Arrange, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and advocate for multiple services to meet the specific consumer's complex needs.
    9. Document all actions related to case management coordination for the consumer. This includes all face-to-face and indirect interactions or written correspondence with the consumer, potential providers of service, county and the Alliance personnel. Documentation will reflect that active and consistent activity is taking place in an effort to support the consumer's plan.
    10. Utilize county and state procedures, while involving the consumer in all phases of case management planning, with a person centered approach.
    11. Provide visits with the consumer every six months, family and team members, and update plans as needed.
    12. Maintain professional communication channels with all parties necessary to meet the needs of the consumer.
    13. Monitor and coordinate implementation and service delivery assuring that provider's services are consistent with all aspects of the consumer's plan of care.
    14. Work with the consumer in coordinating and assisting with referrals to providers of medical, social, financial, housing and other related services and supports. This minimally includes the following activities:
      1. Coordinate application process; planning activities and visits/interviews.
      2. Affirm that financial arrangements, contracts, or provider contracts/agreements are in place.
      3. Advocate consumer's access to services that fit his/her needs.
      4. Assist consumer in securing services identified in the plan of care, including services not currently available.
      5. If an identified service is not readily available, consult with providers and/or develop a request for proposals to locate the needed service
    15. Supply each service provider a copy of the person's plan of care and assure provider's understanding of that plan.
    16. Coordinate with and provide assistance to all team members involved in any transition to ensure a smooth transition for the consumer.
    17. Assist Director and Supervisor as requested with the completion of outcome reports for counties.
    18. Assist with and complete chart audits and follow ups for quality assurance to ensure consumers files are complete, accurate and meet state, county and the Alliance requirements.
    19. Utilize support staff, (i.e. case aide) as directed by Management

  2. Billing:
    Submit billing forms to the Case Manager Supervisor per the prescribed schedule
    1. Whenever a consumer is admitted, discharged or has a status change or update, complete the applicable forms and submit it to the Case Management Manager and/or county personnel.
    2. Maintain billable time of 85% or as directed by Case Management Manager.

  3. General:
    1. Obtain necessary CEU's to maintain professional licensure status.
    2. Attend Case Review Consultation, Case Management Team meetings, 1:1 supervision meetings with Case Management Manager, County and SNBC contract(s) meetings, and the Alliance meetings and trainings.
    3. Treat colleagues with courtesy and respect and strive to enhance inter-professional, intra-professional, and interagency cooperation on behalf of the consumer.
    4. Perform other assignments, as needed, under the direction of the program director, program manager and/or host county officials.
    5. Participation in the Alliance annual events to include conferences and Walk for Thought.

Specific Demands
Must have own transportation to carry out job duties and responsibilities. The Case Manager is reimbursed for expenses incurred according to the MN Brain Injury Alliance.


  1. Must have a Bachelor's degree in Social Services or Related Field Degree.
  2. Must have at least two years of full time professional experience as a social worker or related position(s) working in social services with knowledge of case coordination and advocacy for persons with traumatic brain injury or persons with disabilities.
  3. Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.
  4. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  5. Excellent record keeping and report writing abilities.
  6. Car/travel required. Be able to drive own vehicle to perform job duties.
  7. Must have a valid driver's license. Must pass the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension background check.
  8. An employee will be excluded from performing as a Case Manager if he/she fails to maintain the required professional licensing requirements, a valid driver's license, and an acceptable driving record.

The position requires a professional whose background is characterized by initiative and achievement. Candidates should possess strong leadership skills and the ability to network and collaborate with a variety of people. Candidates must have experience with case management, strong people skills, a strong sense of professionalism, and a team approach to achieving the program goals.

Send current résumé and three references with contact information to: Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance, 2277 Highway 36 West, Suite 200, Roseville, MN 55113. Search will close when a suitable candidate is found. Equal Opportunity Employer.