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Phone: 612-378-2742
Toll Free: 1-800-669-6442
Fax: 612-378-2789
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance has a variety of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) available for organizations and individuals to use, including display, text and Web banners, can be formatted for different size and color requirements; please contact Andi Billig at 800-669-6442 or via e-mail for more information.

Text PSAs

  • Bike Safety:
    Each year 350,000 kids give their parents a crash course on bike safety.

    Wearing a helmet can prevent 88 percent bike-related brain injuries.
    So when the wheels hit the pavement this summer, be smart.  Protect your kids and yourself.  Always wear a helmet.  Strapping on a helmet could help prevent one death every day and one brain injury every four minutes.

    To learn more about helmet safety and brain injury, log on to the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance’s web site at w w w dot brain injury m n dot org.  That’s w w w dot brain injury m n dot org.

  • Every 21 Seconds:
    Every 21 seconds a traumatic brain injury occurs.
    It can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere.
    Young or old, black or white, rich or poor, male or female.
    It is always unexpected.
    It is always unwanted.
    It is always life-changing.
    If it happens to you or someone you love…
    Where do you turn?
    Where can you get help?
    Who will support you?
    Here is your answer: Call the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance at one-eight hundred-six-six-nine-six-four-four-two (1.800.669.6442). Again, that number is one-eight hundred-six-six-nine-six-four-four-two (1.800.669.6442).

  • Winter Sports PSA:
    Are you watching the snow flakes fall in anticipation of dusting off that sled or snowboard and hitting the slopes? Don't forget to dust off your winter sports helmet. Did you know that children are at the greatest risk for winter sport related brain injuries? YOU can do something about that!

    Wearing a properly fitted helmet can prevent or reduce the severity of brain injury during winter sports and activities like hockey, skiing, snowboarding and sledding. But be sure your helmet is specifically designed for winter sports. That bike helmet won't help you on the slopes or on the ice rink! Don't become another statistic, and don't let a fall on your head get in the way of wintertime fun. Remember, broken bones mend, cuts heal, but a brain injury is forever. Protect your noggin! ALWAYS wear your helmet.

    To learn more about brain injury and prevention, log onto w w w dot brain injury m n dot org.  That's w w w dot brain injury m n dot org.