List of Teams

Below is a list of teams that have joined the 2023 Walk for Thought. Click on the team name to go to that team’s page to register and donate today!

Team Name Team Captain Team Totals Walk Location
Amanda Leathers Amanda Leathers Twin Cities
Angela Richardson Angela Richardson Twin Cities
Bintner4Life Allison Bintner $200 Twin Cities
Black Family Brain Boosters Lisa Black $801 Twin Cities
Brain Bumpers Ric Johnson $525 Twin Cities
Brainy Byrds Robyn Alexander $125 Virtual
Buddy Cohen Buddy Cohen Twin Cities
C Roger Stacy C Roger Stacy $50 Twin Cities
Cary Hume Cary Hume Twin Cities
Celeste Anderson Celeste Anderson Twin Cities
Connections4Concussions Kalya Meyer $200 Twin Cities
Determined Mind Judy Awad $300 Twin Cities
Don’t Stop Believin’ Elise Lien $900 Virtual
Earl Wembley Earl Wembley Twin Cities
Granite House Carol Insley $274.76 Twin Cities
Gray Matter David King $5,965 Twin Cities
Hannele Nicholson Hannele Nicholson Twin Cities
Head Over Heals Julie Bayer $300 Twin Cities
Irondale Fall Performance Team Lexi Bendickson Duluth
Jana Smith Jana Smith Virtual
Janet Hochule Janet Hochule $150 Twin Cities
Jeff’s Squad Jeff Hassel $1,500 Twin Cities
Jen Smith Jen Smith Twin Cities
Jesseca Overland Jesseca Overland Twin Cities
Jon Casey Family Jon Casey $400 Twin Cities
Jonathan Wiggins Jonathan Wiggins Duluth
Karen Franzmeier Karen Franzmeier Twin Cities
Keeping Ahead Jeff Zinn, Sandra Smith Virtual
Landa Miller Landa Miller $50 Virtual
Mark Walter Mark Walter Duluth
Matt Smith Matt Smith Twin Cities
Matthew Beaulieu Matthew Beaulieu Twin Cities
Michael Puffer Michael Puffer $100 Twin Cities
Minneapolis VA TBI Team April Cerqua $525 Twin Cities
Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance Staff Team Andi Billig $100 Twin Cities
Myles Vollmer Myles Vollmer Twin Cities
Nancy Barron Nancy Barron Twin Cities
Northeast Bank-A Penny for your Thoughts Sarah Bogenreif $800 Twin Cities
Patrick’s Pacers Sue McGuigan $2,050 Twin Cities
Paws for Thought Andi Billig $1,550 Twin Cities
Phoenix BriAnn DeMotts Twin Cities
Ray Winstrand Ray Windstrand $50 Twi Cities
St. Luke’s/8W Rehab Amanda Johnson $300 Duluth
Samadani NeuroTrauma Research Lab Jennifer Robb Virtual
Scott Hart Scott Hart Duluth
Shelly’s Team Shelly Dombrovski Twin Cities
Steven Clinton Steven Clinton Virtual
TBI Trailblazers Jaqueline Turcott $125 Duluth
Team 23 Beck Stuckmayer Twin Cities
Team Christy Laura Dudek Johnson Twin Cities
Team Fosse Kari Fosse $150 Twin Cities
Team Garrity Michael Garrity $50 Twin Cities
Team Kim Kim Fackler $215 Twin Cities
Team Lucie! Jena Mertz $800 Duluth
Team Mary Lindsay Geurts Virtual Only
Team Rae’Ana Rae’Chelle Hall Twin Cities
Team Regency Kyleigh Bethke $50 Twin Cities
Team TBI Hennepin Healthcare Kary Briner $1,050 Twin Cities
Team Tondryk Rick Tondryk $50 Duluth
Team Travers Molly Travers $100 Twin Cities
Team Zaine Jim Zaine $380 Twin Cities
The Adams Family Adam Lafky $50 Twin Cities
The Latecomers Brad Donaldson $600 Twin Cities
The Milkshakes Sara Schlegelmilch $500 Twin Cities
Timothy Kulla Timothy Kulla Twin Cities
Warren Pease Warren Lester Twin Cities
What If? Samantha Wallace $100 Duluth
Walk for Thought General Fund $3,096

If you don’t see the team that you wish to donate to, click here to donate to the Walk for Thought general fund and include which team you would like your donation to go to. It will be moved to that team’s campaign.

It’s not too late to donate! Do it today! Get your contribution in and help support us in our larges fundraiser of the year!