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About Brain Injury

My DateWith Fate, 3-8-88
by Craig Martinson

On the date of March 8, 1988, my life changed totally, completely, and irrevocably. (I kind of knew what that meant, but I looked it up anyway. The definition is "incapable of being brought back.") And that pretty much sums up traumatic brain injury! You can't be brought back to your "old life" because everything is now different. You are not always the same person you were before and never will be again. But that does not mean your "new life" can not be as rewarding and maybe even more satisfying! Listen, and I will explain -

I was in a kind of nasty automobile accident back in '88. All the damage was to my head, I had a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Like so many others, I had never heard of TBI. After re-learning everything from walking to speaking, I know how lucky and blessed I am to have come this far in my "new life."

"My New Life As A Volunteer" After trying to go back to my old job and finding out it was not working, my life went in a direction I never imagined in my wildest dreams. About one year after the injury, a new support group met in St. Cloud, MN. It was unbelievable to see how many others were affected by TBI; there was well over 100 people! From this first meeting on, I have been involved in facilitating monthly support group meetings. One of the biggest joys of being a facilitator (besides the good friendships) is being to help "new" survivors of brain injury. And through one of my support group friends, I was also connected to volunteering at an elementary school with 2nd graders. I love kids and enjoy doing more things with my life!

My life now is more satisfying and I feel better about myself than ever before. Volunteering is a source of joy and very rewarding!

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