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August 11, 2015

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Register Now for Walk for Thought
The Walk for Thought is a little over a month away but there's still time to register! The Walk - Saturday, September 19 - takes place at four locations - Duluth, Rochester, Saint Cloud and the Twin Cities in Maplewood - and hosts over two thousand participants who make their way around park trails and lakesides.

Check out the following for more information about the Walk for Thought:

Start a Walk for Thought Team!
Contribute to the Walk for Thought!
Team Captain Information
About the Walk for Thought
Frequently Asked Questions
Fundraising Ideas

Or, just visit www.braininjurymn.org/fundraising/ for more info. We'd love to see you at the Walk for Thought! Return to top

Brain Injury Educational Classes
The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance offers a variety of educational classes - including our monthly Brain Injury Basics class - for families, individuals and professionals in the Twin Cities. Our educators can also train your staff on-site at your facility with our Traveling Workshops.

Brain Injury Basics
Caregiving: August 27
Introduction to Brain Injury: September 24

Registration is required for all classes. Brain Injury Basics takes place in the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance offices in Roseville from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Cost is $25 for professionals; a $5 donation is appreciated from consumers.

Click here for more information on our Education opportunities or call our Education and Community Outreach Department at 612-378-2742 or 800-669-6442.

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Lunch and Learn Seminars with Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance
Are you ready to have lunch and learn AND get your CEUs? The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance is offering Lunch and Learn Seminars at our offices in Roseville and are targeted for Social Workers and Social Service Professionals.

Sessions will take place on August 12, September 8, October 13, November 11 and December 8.

Click here for complete information on our 2015 Lunch and Learn Seminars.

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2016 Annual Conference for Professionals in Brain Injury - Request for Presenters
The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance is busy planning the 31st Annual Conference for Professionals in Brain Injury, which will be held on April 7 and 8, 2016 at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. We would like to invite you to submit a proposal or proposals for breakout sessions. Proposals are due by November 20.

Click here for more information and to fill your RFP today!

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Classified Ad: Books by Angela Hunt
Have you ever wanted to tell someone how you're feeling about your brain injury, but can't reach for the words? I've had a brain injury, too and I wrote down some things while my speech wasn't working too well. I thought you might appreciate it; give others a sense of what you're going through. Because what you are going through matters.

Am I Still Me? A Group of Words with Fundamental Questions for Those Struggling to Recover Themselves Making sense of fresh change with exercises to help skills return. Spiral bound. Large print. Full color. 64 pages. $7.50 + .52 tax + $2.50 S&H = $10.52

I Am Still Me! Brains are Injured, Hearts are Mended Navigating the emotions of recovery. Coming to terms with skills that might not return. Acknowledging recovery is as difficult as any other 4-year degree. Steering back toward normal. Free-verse poems in large print. "Comments and Thoughts for Discussion" section includes ideas during recovery from 40 brain-injured folks. 242 pages. $12.00 + .83 tax + $3.50 S&H = $16.33

Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance Newsletter special: both for just $24 (tax and S&H included)

Mail check or money order to:
Angela Hunt
Box 115
Carver, MN 55315

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Classified Ad: Severe Brain Injury Long-Term Care and Family Support
When someone with a severe brain injury does not emerge from low consciousness, options for treatment, housing, and family support are few. Granite House, a Minnesota Non-Profit, is making a difference. Our mission is threefold:

Support: Support groups for families caring for someone in a minimally conscious state never existed before. As parents caring for our adult son since 2008, we couldn't locate anyone else who could speak our language of wheelchairs, feeding tubes, and dystonia. Referrals by the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance helped us start a unique support group.

Advocacy: We work with local and statewide organizations and policymakers to increase awareness of the needs of this population. These young adults have slipped through the cracks in the health care system for too long. Through our efforts, they are finally being noticed.

Housing: Granite House is creating the first residence for younger adults who need 24-hour care and maximum assistance. An alternative to traditional long-term care or care at home, Granite House will offer a home-like setting for people who are not likely to emerge from a minimally conscious state but are stable and responsive to sensory stimulation. The home is being designed to meet their specific needs and provide them with sunshine, services, and compassionate care. Once the house opens in 2016, our model can be replicated to improve the quality of life for others needing these services.

Website: www.granitehousemn.org
Email: info@granitehousemn.org
Facebook: Granite House, Non-Profit Organization

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Classified Ad Opportunities
We are pleased to provide an online opportunity for organizations to broadcast their message about job openings, services and more through affordable, convenient advertising. This bi-weekly electronic publication is sent to more than 6,250 professionals, paraprofessionals and persons with brain injury and their families.

The cost to run a classified ad of up to 250 words is $20 for one edition or $30 for two editions. Ads must be submitted in electronic form to receive this rate. Ads submitted in hard copy will be charged an additional $15 administrative fee. To learn more about this affordable, convenient advertising opportunity, please e-mail Phil at philg@braininjurymn.org or call 612-378-2742 or 800-669-6442. Advertising is posted at the end of the publication under the heading "Classified Ads."

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance is a proud member of Community Health Charities. Community Health Charities is an alliance of leading nonprofit health research and service organizations whose mission is to improve lives affected by chronic illness by investing in health research, services and education.
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