Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance

Support Groups

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance can help link persons with brain injury and their loved ones to self-directed, voluntary support groups. Support groups can provide a number of benefits:

  • Emotional healing comes when people interact with other people.
  • Sharing of similar experiences helps individuals feel less alone and more ready to deal with day-to-day issues.
  • Encouragement comes from learning about how others have conquered situations similar to theirs.
  • Contribution helps support group members feel meaningful.
  • Education results from the exposure to information and personal experiences in a group.
  • Socialization occurs when connections with people are made and confidence in social skills develops when appropriate interaction occurs in support groups.
  • Self-expression, as emotions are experienced and released, creates a greater understanding of oneself.
  • Confidence building results as members take responsibility for the work of the group, and see progress with the plans they made.
  • Safety, in the environment of a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental group, allows for honest disclosure and sharing of common difficulties.
  • A sense of growth occurs as long-term members see new participants and reminisce about where they began and how far they have come in their personal journey.

Finding a Support Group:

The Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance makes referrals to support groups throughout the state, including groups for persons with brain injury, their families and friends, and caregivers.

Because support group locations and times change, please call the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance for current information at 800-669-6442. Groups are self-help, self-supporting, and independent from the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance.