List of Teams

Below is a list of teams that have joined the 2021 Walk for Thought. Click on the team name to go to that team’s page to register and to donate!

Team Name Team Captain Team Totals
A Penny for Your Thoughts Sarah Bogenreif
Alpha Tau Omega Eli Wurster
Angie’s Angels Angie Olson $100
Barbara Berg Barbara Berg
Barbara Keegan Barbara Keegan
Bea’s Bananas Russell Philstrom $50
BIGG Bluegold Brain Injury Group Terry Vokoun
Black Brain Boosters Lisa A.S. Black $100
Brainiacs Jessica Laniado
Brainteaser Patty Ryan
Brain Bumpers Ric Johnson
Brainy Byrds Robyn Alexander
Carolyn’s Carolyn Quenzer
Clauson Maki Team Karen Clauson $725
Corpus Callosum Bill Siitari $100
Countrecoup Cats Karen Kramer $520
Don’t Stop Believing Colleen LeGarde-Warnygora $300
Gage Trotters Penny Robinson
Granite House Carol Insley $50
Gray Matters David King $1,825
James Bond Roger Moore
Jeff’s Squad Jeff Hassel
Jennifer Nelson Jennifer Nelson
Karol Neuroteam Robert Karol $100
Kathleen McMahon-Alder Kathleen McMahon-Adler $50
Keeping Ahead Sandra Smith
Kevin Bagley Kevin Bagley
MNBIA Staff Team Andi Billig
Neurotrauma Research Lab Tory Schaaf $75
Patrick’s Pacers Sue McGuigan $100
Paws for Thought Andi Billig
Regions Hospital TBI Group Stephanie Thomas
St Luke’s 8W Rehab Brenda Hanson
Sheli Cantore Sheli Cantore
Stay Strong Sam Suzy Anderson
Suzanne Jenson Suzanne Jenson
TABI Oasis Michael Puffer
TBI Trailblazders Jacqueline Turcott
Team Birchler Vaughn Birchler
Team Carlos Selina Ojard $25
Team Christy Laura Johnson
Team Mary Lindsay Geurts $50
Team TBI-Hennepin Healthcare Kary Briner $1,150
Terry Ketterhagen Terry Ketterhagen
The Latecomers Bradley Donaldson $300
What If? Samantha Wallace
ZZStrong72 Becca Zarembinski

If you don’t see the team that you wish to donate to, click here to donate to the Walk for Thought general fund and include which team you would like your donation to go to. It will be moved to that team’s campaign.

Only donations made online are reflected in Team Totals. This is a running tally that is updated several times each day.

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