List of Teams

Below is a list of teams that have joined the 2020 Virtual Walk for Thought. Click on the team name to go to that team’s page to register and to donate!

Team Name Team Captain Team Totals
640 Jackson and East 12th Streets Bill Siitari $905
Bea’s Bananas Russ Philstrom $300
Becky Braun Becky Braun
Bemidji Brain Bucket LynMaree Harris
Bill Siitari Bill Siitari
Brain Bumpers Ric Johnson $1,360
Brain Farts Angela Halgrimson $25
Brainy Byrds Robyn Alexander
Brainteaser Patty Ryan
Carla Caldwell Carla Caldwell
Clauson for Brandon Team Karen Clauson $1,401
Colleen Hielkema Colleen Hielkema
Connections4Concussions Kayla Meyer $100
Courtney Lukens Courtney Lukens $200
Crystal Schutte-Busse Crystal Schutte-Busse $150
Dell Eriksson Dell Eriksson
Gage Trotters Penny Robinson $705
Gray Matters David King $3,030
Heidi Van Amburg Heidi Van Amburg
Hennepin Hikers Kary Briner $1,720
Hollys HUGS Holly Kostrzewski $50
Holly’s Miracle (Team Galvin) Chris Galvin $500
IronMan RN Galen Schulz $450
Jeff Beer Milers Greg Alexander $4,750
Jeff’s Squad Jeff Hassel $1,020
Jen La Rue Jen La Rue
Jenny Puhl Jenny Puhl
Jon Casey Jon Casey $150
Keeping Ahead Sandra Smith
Lucky Strutters Adam Luckeroth $875
Meredith Jacobs Meredith Jacobs
Michael’s Miracle Angela Field
Miller Dwan Rehab Tabitha Slygh
Mind Matters Natalie Hartell
MNBIA Staff Team Andi Billig $125
Moving Forward Together Pat Marciniak $500
Nan Haggerty Nan Haggerty $100
Neuronal Ninjas Erwin Concepcion $735
Northeast Bank Sarah Bogenreif $725
June O’Neill June O’Neill
Patrick’s Pacer’s Sue McGuigan $1,970
Paul Allen’s Team Paul Allen $100
Paws for Thought Andi Billig $181
Rachael Cunningham Rachael Cunningham
Ray Brink Ray Brink
Regions Hospital Stephanie Henigin $50
Roger Leigjton Roger Leigjton
St Luke’s Inpatient Rehab Unit (8W) Brenda Hanson $125
Scott Hart Scott Hart
Stephanie Devich Stephanie Devich
Stephanie Loscheider Stephanie Loscheider
Tango Team Jeff Picka
TBI Trailblazers Jacqueline Turcott $250
Team Angie and Potato Angie Lynch
Team Autumn Jean Jensen
Team Bunge Michelle Bunge $100
Team Locke Brandi Locke
Team Schlegelmilch Sara Schlegelmilch $375
Team Tyjha Tough Tarissa Henderson $150
The Black Bunch Lisa A. S. Black $233
The Latecomers Brad Donaldson $300
Timmy Time Tim Gjerde
Tim Nolan Tim Nolan
Vinlove Strong Tiffany Ronning
Wallets for Brains Cole Hiniker $525
What If Samantha Wallace $25
Wilhelmina Valeria Holder Wilhelmina Valeria Holder

If you don’t see the team that you wish to donate to, click here to donate to the Walk for Thought general fund and include which team you would like your donation to go to. It will be moved to that team’s campaign.

Only donations made online are reflected in Team Totals. This is a running tally that is updated several times each day.