MNBIA Staff Team

Our team members have combined forces to create this awesome fundraising team. Together we will raise more money for Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance than we ever could alone! By gathering together a group of family, friends and loved ones, I am showing the world that brain injury impacts the lives of, not only those living with the brain injury and their family, but everyone who comes in contact with them.

Want to Help?
My team hopes to raise awareness of brain injury in the community, raise money for the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance’s services and supports and have a great time doing it. Support by making a donation to our team. The process is fast, easy, secure, and you can be sure that it will benefit a great cause!

Join Us!
The teams participating in the Walk for Thought are committed to raising awareness of brain injury in Minnesota and the world. Only through the support of individuals like you can we hope to achieve our goals.

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Team Members
Andi Billig – Team Captain
Brie Bluhm
Samantha Breit (Holman)
Katy Brandt
Carla Cahill
Debbi Erickson
Taylor Jackson
Ashley Lockwood
Anna Kissel
Jarett Klein
Alaina Link
Benjamin Pedersen
Claire Sullivan
Megan Westermayer
Amanda Wondrow
Hannah Woodie

Why We’re Walking
“Because I believe that awareness is the first step for the community to even be able to accept that people like me are out there in their community and want their support while we live with brain injury or other situations. Personally, living with brain injury was not only live changing (and not in all of the best ways) but it’s changed my relationships, how I can work, the amount of stimulation I can handle in any circumstance and more. This is important to me to share this with others – I look “normal” but I’ll never be “neuro-normal” again and people underestimate this impact.” – Katy Brandt

“To show that strokes are more common then people talk about and that independence is possible with proper treatment and support.” – Carla Cahill

“I’m walking in honor of my friend who had a severe stroke at the age of 24 and now is living with a brain injury. I’m also walking in honor of all of the people I’ve supported both here at the BIA and for the people I supported when I worked at the Brain Injury program at Opportunity Partners.” – Hannah Woodie

“Walking for MNBIA and to support all of our consumers at MNBIA.” – Samantha Breit (Holman)

“I am walking to support all of my clients and everyone else that has been affected by a brain injury.” – Taylor Jackson

“To show support for the clients our organization serves and to spread the word!” – Alaina Link