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Project Brain Bridge

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Project Brain Bridge uses interactive activities to help individuals understand what living with a disability due to brain injury may be like. This project is very flexible and can be done anywhere!

"Our presentation to four-fourth grade classes was a smash hit! The kids loved it and learned a lot! The principal and teachers liked it as well! We plan to make this an annual event!"

"It was actually fun – mostly because the people who stopped by were so amazed at what they learned by doing the activities – especially identifying the coors and writing their names."

Project Brain BridgeWhat is this all about?
Over 100,000 Minnesotans live with a disability due to brain injury and every 23 seconds someone experiences a brain injury. One would think, because of the frequency of brain injury and the large amount of people who are affected by it, that everyone would know how brain injuries occur and where to go for help afterwards. This is not the case.

Project Brain Bridge is a fun and interactive way to help people understand what brain injury is and how it affects all Minnesotans. Project Brain Bridge can be done anywhere: in your school, college, cafeteria, office, church or any other club. Help bridge the gap of misunderstanding by hosting Project Brain Bridge in your community.

Project Brain BridgePlanning your event
First, do some research and preparation. We recommend that you take some time to do some research on the brain itself and learn more about how it is affected by injury. There are great resources on the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance's Web site.

Second, plan your event. Project Brain Bridge can be held in many different environments. When thinking of a location consider how accessible it is to people.

Third, determine who you will invite. Some locations, such as a park, will most likely attract people of all ages, genders and occupations. A location such as a school may only attract the families and teacher who are associated with the school. No matter what location you choose it is important you know who your audience will be. Maybe you will want to do Project Brain Bridge at a YMCA or Public Library. If you are not holding Project Brain Bridge in a place you are affiliated with be certain to communicate clearly with the individuals you are collaborating with to ensure project success.

Fourth, advertise your event. There are many ways to advertise. Ideas include: posters, sending personal invites, write on a blog or set up an event on Facebook

For the complete Project Brain Bridge booklet, contact the Volunteer Program at 612-378-2742 or 800-669-6442, or e-mail us.



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